About Community First Responder CFR


The Community is always the first responder in any disaster as they have an inherent capacity to respond immediately. However, past experiences have shown that after every disaster, response comes from well-intentioned but untrained personnel who have little or no regard for personal safety. This at times escalate the after-effects of disaster and further endangers the victims. The realization that response will be fastest and most effective if responder is trained, has bought about a need to intensify the ‘Community First Responder Training’.

The effective management of any disaster by the communities before actual help the local help arrives will not only save precious lives but also help the local administration. This is possible only when a well-planned training course is imparted in a proper and effective manner. Basing on this concept and also drawing from past experiences the Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority has develop this module for training of the ‘Community First Responder’.


The vision of the CFR training is to train as many people as possible across all the villages of the State. The module is based on a cascading system; Master of Trainers (MoTs) at State level, Training of Trainers (ToTs) at the district level and block level. The end result of this training is to have a Community First Responder Team across all the Villages comprising of ten members, one group leader, one liaison, four Search & Rescue members and four First Aid members. Besides aiming to train the communities of all the villages, this training may also be imparted to an organized group of volunteers who can then become an asset to the local authorities during any disaster.

CFR Training