Children in schools are the most vulnerable during disasters. A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for any institution, where ensuring safety of children, teachers and staff members during disasters is of outmost necessary. Thus, to ensure safety of children in disasters and also to promote faster rehabilitation post disaster, Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority has developed a school safety mock drill capsule wherein within its ambit measures like awareness generation, ensuring communication, school preparedness plans, capacity building of students and teachers, rehearsals and mock drills etc is highlighted.




The objective of School Safety mock drills is to develop competencies of the participants to various forms of disasters through preventive activities, tasked to conduct safe evacuation during a disaster, while ensure the schools to form permanent DM plan & team at schools. School Safety Mock drill aims to create a safe environment for children through various capacity building activities like:

  1. Promote and sensitize school community on disaster preparedness and safety measures through mock drills.
  2. Facility, resource and evacuation mapping. 
  3. Hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis,
  4. Constituting/review school disaster management plan.
  5. Training school disaster management committee and task forces.

School Mock Drill ISchool Mockdrill



School Safety: Mock Drills