Nagaland Emergency Preparedness Exercise (NEPEx)


NEPEx is the State wide emergency exercise of Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) Home Department, Govt. of Nagaland. Nagaland lies under Seismic Zone V and is vulnerable to many natural calamities such as Earthquake, Landslide, Flashflood, Thunderstorm, Hail storm, Forest Fire etc.

Nagaland being vulnerable to many natural calamities, it is imperative to establish a scientific approach in responding and managing Disaster. It is crucial for both Government and the public to prepare themselves for any disaster which will reduce risk and reduce extensive damage during emergency.

NSDMA in association with DDMAs and the concerned Governmental departments, Civil Societies and the communities is organizing Nagaland Emergency Preparedness Exercise (NEPEx) to generate awareness among the communities and different agencies on how to establish mechanism for effective response to any disaster.

NEPEx will be organized annually during different seasons of the year to acclimatize and build resilience to different extreme weather throughout the year.



The goal of NEPEx is to make Nagaland a safer and resilient society.



  1. To qualify the capability of the state in responding to an event of any disaster.
  2. Development and strengthening of awareness, preparedness, response and recovery Plan.
  3. Capacity Building of Emergency Support Function (ESF) and practice of Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).
  4. To create awareness among multi stake holders about disaster and its impact.
  5. To build linkages and coordination among multi stake holders in responding to disasters and disaster risk reduction initiatives.



  1. Review of the previous emergency exercise: The Review meeting will be held both at the state and the district Level. The Chief Secretary who is the Chairman of State Executive Committee (SEC) shall chair the meeting at the state level and the Deputy Commissioner who is the chairman of the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) shall chair the meeting at the district level. And in both the meetings, all concerned officers and stake holders shall participate in the review meeting.
  2. Table Top Exercise: Table Top Exercise is being organized as a prelude event to the NEPEx to sensitize the stakeholders for the NEPEx.
  3. Awareness programme: Awareness Programme is to generate greater awareness on the issue of disaster management. It will be organized through activities such as conclaves, distribution of flyers, street plays, conduct painting competitions in the schools and colleges, trainings on First Aid, Search and Rescue etc.
  4. Orientation and Workshop: Organize orientation programs and workshops on different Disaster Management issues with stakeholders.
  5. Community First Responder (CFR) Training: Community First Respondr (CFR) Training will be imparted to the communities inorder to effectively manage any disaster at their level before outside help arrive.



NEPEx shall commence with an emergency siren at the state capital, at the district headquarters, at the Sub divisional headquarters, block headquarters, villages and institutions.

  1. Immediately people in the schools and institutions/offices shall respond by method of Drop, Cover and Hold.
  2. Every people will continue to Drop Cover and Hold for 2 Minutes until the Siren is sounded for the second time.
  3. After the Second Siren Alarm (after 2min), all Stakeholders who are dropping and holding will vacate to safer place (Pre identified Safe Zone) covering their heads with their hands or any hard object.
  4. For response and recovery, the IRS shall be strictly complied by all the Stake Holders.



State Capital, District Headquarters and Sub-division headquarters.

Media Plan:

All possible medias such as print, social media, press shall be engaged to generate maximum awareness.

Emergency Operation Centers:

State Emergency Operation Centre (SEOC) and District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC) shall be activated pre and during the NEPEx.


A third party shall be invited to be observers either from Indian Army, NDMA or other SDMAs.


Hazard Risk Venerable Assessment (HRVA) of each district of the state shall be carried out and information of such shall be used for NEPEx.

Lesson Learnt:

The report and documentation lessons learnt from every NEPEx shall be incorporated for adoption in the following NEPEx.



Nagaland being one of the most vulnerable states to Natural Calamity, NEPEx is the biggest platform in terms of Capacity Development for Disaster Management. It involves all support functionaries to check for disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction. The NEPEx shall showcase the possibilities of a multi impact of Disaster effects. NEPEx will support the development plans for rescue and relief measures, developing local warnings and evacuation plans, mobilizing and organizing resources in building practical Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for Disaster Management in Nagaland.

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